Starting this Wednesday News Herald readers will see a new page focused on the members, programs and services of the Burke County Chamber of Commerce. The Biz Wiz will be published every two weeks using stories developed by the Chamber on a page designed by the staff of the newspaper. 
“The Biz Wiz is a great step toward creating a more positive buzz about business and manufacturing in our county,” said the Chamber’s Interim CEO Jerry Davis. 
“Becoming the premier partner, advocate, voice and resource for Burke County business involves sharing the kinds of stories and information you’re going to see on the Biz Wiz,” he added. “We want the page to be lively, surprising, informative and high-energy, something you’ll want to linger over as you read the paper.”
Another goal is to make the Chamber itself stronger by drawing new members to the value of Chamber membership, “We also want to remind current members of the benefits they have but may not be using,” Davis said.
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