Governmental Affairs

An integral component of the Chamber’s mission is to communicate the views of the business community to our elected officials. The Governmental Affairs Committee identifies, prioritizes and recommends policy to our Board of Directors for those issues that affect our local economy, business environment and quality of life in Burke County. The committee is a dynamic volunteer committee of Chamber leaders who meet regularly to guide the Chamber in its legislative endeavors.

The Chamber communicates our message using several different methods, including:

Direct Communication: The Governmental Affairs Committee, Board Members, Designated Members and Chamber Staff will contact and/or meet with the appropriate elected officials in order to present the Chamber’s position on various issues.

Signed Position Letters & Resolutions: The Chamber will create letters that state our position on an issue.  We then send that letter to all concerned parties to alert the officials to the position that the Chamber has taken.  At the end of the year the Chamber will publish a scorecard to notify our membership of how our elected officials voted on issues that concern the business community.

Call To Action Email Alerts: The “Call To Action Email Alert” is sent out to the entire Chamber membership for the purpose of encouraging the local business community to engage our elected officials and express support for issues that are vital to our businesses.

Governmental Affairs E-Blasts: Periodically the Chamber will send out important E-Blasts that contain timely information as it pertains to legislative issues.  These emails will contain:

  • Details on Chamber positions on issues and how they are being advocated for
  • Notifications of meetings with elected officials
  • Call To Action notifications
  • Regular legislative updates
  • Voting Scorecards that show how our elected officials voted on key Chamber positions

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