As the voice of business in Burke County, the Burke County Chamber of Commerce is committed to keeping our region competitive and improving the business climate.  One of the best ways that we can achieve these goals is through the legislative process.  The Burke Chamber is proud to work on behalf of our members to advocate for policies and legislation that contribute to the growth, prosperity and sustainability of our region.

Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Support the development of innovative and sustainable methods of funding transportation and infrastructure projects to meet the needs of North Carolina’s growing population, including a mix of funding methods such as bonds, public-private partnerships, local option revenue, tolls and new revenue sources.
  • Oppose the shifting of road maintenance to local governments without the associated funding.
  • Endorse a coordinated effort between government entities and respective agencies to address infrastructure planning for the county as a whole.  One priority area is the continued need to expand and enhance broadband throughout Burke County.
  • Support highway interchange improvements that increase the visibility and vitality of area businesses while meeting all safety and commuter standards.

Job Creation

  • Support efforts to attract jobs and fully fund job recruitment efforts including Economic Development Partnerships and the North Carolina Department of Commerce.
  • Support funding for historic preservation, land conservation, state parks, the arts, and travel & tourism in North Carolina as it spurs economic development.
  • Support the continued investment in the Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG)


  • Support an overhaul and modernization of North Carolina’s tax system to meet the needs of our state’s growing population while fairly spreading the cost among all who live and do business in North Carolina.
  • Support a reduction in corporate, personal, and sales tax rates to make us more competitive with surrounding states.
  • Oppose targeted taxes, policies and rules that would impede business development.

Workforce & Quality of Life

  • Oppose efforts to weaken North Carolina’s right-to-work status, such as allowing public employees the right to collectively bargain.
  • Support efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system at the state and local level, specifically, to address technology and staffing issues.


  • Support efforts to improve our public schools, community colleges and universities and to fully fund their enrollment demands.
  • Support efforts to fairly and effectively address teacher quality and retention concerns.
  • Support competitive salaries for Pre K – 12 teachers, community college instructors, and university professors.
  • Support legislation to allow public school systems to regain access to sales tax refunds.
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