Branch Manager Sylvia Ross is pleased to announce that United Service Credit Union at 705 West Fleming Drive is now Self-Help Credit Union. Self-Help is a non-profit, member-owned, federally insured, state-chartered credit union in North Carolina that provided more than $168 million in financing to families, businesses and non-profits in 2013. Founded in 1980, the credit union is one of three entities under the umbrella of the non-profit Center for Community Self-Help that also includes the Self-Help Ventures Fund and the Center for Responsible Lending. Under the banner of the Center for Community Self-Help, the three organizations provide financing, technical support, consumer financial services and advocacy for those left out of the economic mainstream, including women, low income, low wealth, rural and minority clients and communities with the mission of “Creating and protecting ownership and economic opportunity for all.” According to Self-Help, the credit union has, over time, demonstrated that low income borrowers pose no greater credit risk than other borrowers. Those  borrowers range from non-profits, child care centers, community health facilities and public charter schools to residential and commercial real estate projects and have proven their determination to repay their loans, build their businesses, improve their communities and build wealth. While its name is new, the credit union has served the community from its location for 16 years. For more information, contact Sylvia at (828) 433-7383 or visit

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