To help support our members with connections, opportunities, and business resources by incorporating the following in the mission, vision and value of the Chamber. Growing Business. Building Community.

  • Increase visibility of minority owned businesses and making business resource tools easily available
  • Provide opportunities to discuss colorful conversations of diverse business challenges faced by minority business professionals
  • Increase diversity of Chamber membership
  • Leverage members’ combined experience and knowledge to advance programs and practices throughout the business community
  • Build a more economically and socially inclusive organizations.
  • Become a forum to discuss new diversity and inclusion ideas and initiatives.

How to Set Up a Minority-Owned Business

·  Step 1: Choose your business idea.

·  Step 2: Write your business plan.

·  Step 3: Register your business.

·  Step 4: Get certified as a minority-owned business.

·  Step 5: Find financing.

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Additional Business Resources

Publications for Minority-Owned Businesses

  • Minority Business Entrepreneur Magazine has been published for 30 years and contains a diverse range of minority voices and relevant information for minority-owned businesses.
  • Black Enterprise Small Business  features help in all areas of business & best practices to individual stories of black small business owners.
  • Latin Business Today contains a multitude of resources for Hispanic entrepreneurs—information about starting a business, growing it, and innovating in a global economy. The publication offers market trends, best practices, and everyday challenges.
  • The Asian Entrepreneur boasts the largest reserve of interviews with Asian entrepreneurs. It offers a global roundup of Asian business leaders, from the U.S. and Asia, and delves into consumer and competitive data as well as social media.
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