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The Emerging Leaders began in early 2019 when the Burke County Chamber of Commerce and the Burke County United Way came together to create a steering committee. Both saw a need for the development and support of the young professionals in our county, and more opportunities for them to connect, network and give back to their community. 

The mission of the Emerging Leaders program is to create opportunities for enriching professional development, networking and community engagement to young leaders in Burke County. 

Through networking events, volunteering opportunities and leadership training, our members leverage the powers of other Burke Emerging Leaders to connect, serve, and grow both professionally and personally. Burke County Emerging Leaders is completely open to all young professionals aged 21-40. There are currently no yearly membership fees.


Since the pandemic began, the Emerging Leaders Steering Committee has been cautious about holding public events. As we enter into 2022, we plan to begin hosting local events once again that allow young professionals to network, grow professionally and give back to their community through service or philanthropy. Past philanthropy opportunities have included collecting items for a different local charity organization at each event, and “adopting” a family for Christmas. To stay on top of upcoming events and other updates, visit the Emerging Leaders Facebook Page.

For more information on joining the Burke County Emerging Leaders, fill out the contact form here!

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